Friday, August 12, 2016

Hello, today I thought I would share how I do fake nails at home that last up to 2 weeks! I decided to do pink, almond shaped nails. But if you don't like the shape you can shape them to how you want them. They are so easy!

What you will need:

Pack of fake nails (I got mine from eBay, I will link it below)

Nail clippers/scissors

Nail file

Nail polish (your choice what colour)

Nail glue (Also from eBay)

Top coat

Wooden cuticle pusher/ to tidy up your nails when you paint them

1. First you want to cut down your natural nails, and file them so they are neat. 

2. Next you need to get your fake nails and find the ones to fit your nails, file them or clip them to fit your nails better.

3. Stick the nails on using the nail glue, put glue on your nail and the false one, then place on your nail and press for 10 seconds.

4. Once all your nails are stuck on clip them using the clippers to your desired shape and length, and file any sharp edges. With the almond shape nails, you clip the top sides so they are like a triangle and then file them to a smooth edge.

5. Finally, paint them your chosen colour, I chose '06 Parade' by Liz Earle, which is a bright hot pink, its SO pretty.

DONE! Beautiful fake nails in 5 easy steps! 

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